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Plant Pick: Carolina jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens)

Carolina jessamine is the perfect Southern plant for the vine itself or to cover an unsightly fence or structure, and it also benefits the wildlife with great places to hide. ...(more)

Growing Tea in Your Garden: Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is brewed from the calyx of a particular hibiscus plant. Not a [traditional tea](, but a worthy brew to grow in your garden at home. ...(more)

Flowers and Foliage for Friendship

Do you ever pick flowers for the simple joys they bring? Gathering a handful of flowers or color foliage to give a friend can be as satisfying for you and as it is the receiver. ...(more)

Extending The Life of Cut Flowers

With the right preparations, [](fresh picked flowers, gathered from the garden) or even purchased from the florist, will last much longer in a vase if given proper care from the start....(more)


Gardening in Drought: 6 Tips and Techniques to Try

With a little planning, you can design your garden to be drought tolerant. Here are six steps to help you plan a drought tolerant garden. ...(more)

Gardening and Watering with Polymer Water Crystals

In the 1960s, Union Carbide was the first company to use polymer water crystals in extremely dry settings. Polymer water crystals are also sometimes called "water absorbing polymers." At first, the crystals were too expensive for home use. Now that the technology has improved, you can use polymer water crystals in your home garden to decrease your watering duties by almost 50 percent. These convenient crystals have a number of practical applications in your garden. Read on to learn how they work and how they are used....(more)

Gardening Basics: Watering Seedlings Effectively

All plants need water to grow, and seedlings are no exception. Watering seedlings is not quite as simple as watering big plants because they are so easily damaged or washed out. You need to approach the process a little differently as a result. However, it is not necessarily any more difficult than regular watering. With a few tips, you will be able to give your seedlings just the right amount of moisture in a way that does not hurt them. This will leave you with more viable plants in the long run....(more)


Recycle When You Garden - Composting Techniques to Use at Home

There several ways to compost, do you know which one is right for you? ...(more)

How to Make a Compost Bin

Organic gardening is becoming more and more popular. That rules out many forms of fertilizer, especially those with pesticides. One way to fertilize plants without using chemicals is to use compost. Compost is made up of leftover food, plant matter, and even paper. Using a spot far away from the house, to avoid the smell, you can either build or buy a compost bin, and use it to organically garden. Here are a few steps on how to create your own compost bin....(more)

Five Great Composting Books

Composting helps to keep unnecessary refuse out of the landfills. Additionally, good compost will eventually turn into great fertilizer, which can be used in your gardens and potted plants. Composting books will teach you about the process of composting, whether you have done it before or not. Read on for five books to help you get started....(more)

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